Evaluating any investment to make in your business requires the foresight to understand the potential impact on your cash flows. Does the cost justify the investment? Is there a better use of the capital? This thought process becomes even more challenging when initiating a remodel or building a new to industry site. Instead of one decision with several variables, you are now faced with the coordination of multiples of decisions and variables. Prairie State Energy has developed and remodeled a number of sites on our own behalf, and still many others with customers. In the process we have also developed proprietary tools to help understand the financial impacts that these types of decisions can have on you and your business. One such tool attached is a financial analysis model co-developed by Prairie State Energy and RSM McGladrey.

While the attached financial analysis appears to be just a simple one-page summary, please note that there are hundreds of variable inputs (individual revenue and expenses, loan interest rates, sales projections, rental income, fuel and store margins, etc.) in this model. After entering the input of all these variables, we can either produce simple summaries such as the attached or far more complicated cash flow analysis (i.e. Pro Forma) that become the foundation for creation of a bank package to submit and secure bank financing.

PSE also has performed a host of other types of financial consulting for our customers including:

  • Benchmark customer store performance against other stores and the industry as a whole
  • Benchmark customer invoice pricing vs. Prairie State Energy invoice pricing for suppliers
  • Conduct environmental compliance audits to avoid penalties
  • Assist customers with the production of Notice of Meeting Competition form of the Wisconsin Unfair Sales Act
  • Strengths and Weaknesses analysis of competitive stations or sites
  • Evaluating technology updates necessary for environmental or credit card acceptance compliance
  • Analyzing credit card fees for potential cost reductions
  • Fuel branded and unbranded financial package evaluation
  • Financial analysis for adding quick serve restaurants