An Ever-Expanding Success Story

Since our founding in 2002, PSE has steadily expanded our offering (branded and unbranded fuels) and services. Having started with just one location in 2003, we now supply fuel to nearly 100 customers.

The vast majority of our growth has been organic, adding new customers and locations through new supply agreements. Just a small fraction of this growth was completed via acquisition of competitors. Additionally, and with only two exceptions, our fuel volume has grown each and every year since we began operations. We are dedicated to continual expansion of our company in order to best serve our customers.



Prairie State Energy is founded.


Development of our first New to Industry (NTI) location, in Harvard, IL.


  • PSE becomes a Marathon fuel distributor.
  • We are granted a federal fuel blenders license.
  • We acquire two properties near Rockford, IL.
  • We develop our second NTI location in Darien, IL.


  • PSE completes development of an NTI in South Elgin, IL.
  • Completed acquisition of Swatek Sales Corporation in Lake Geneva, WI.
  • PSE becomes a Citgo distributor.
  • We add five corporate locations to our portfolio and begin supplying several wholesale customers in Wisconsin.
  • PSE introduces the sale of unbranded fuel to private unbranded gas stations.


  • PSE becomes an Exxon/Mobil fuel distributor.
  • PSE undertakes its’ first major redevelopment of an existing facility in Barrington, IL.
  • We acquire and redevelop a second redevelopment site in Aurora, IL.


Grew total fuel volume (14%) and number of sites supplied (20%) during a period of severe economic downturn.


Ricky Rockets opens its NTI store in Hoffman Estates, IL.


  • PSE initiates a major remodel to our South Elgin location and acquires adjacent property. We receive a national award, taking second place for the design and redevelopment of the store.
  • PSE develops and launches its’ own brand PS Fuels & Market and brands the newly remodeled South Elgin store.


PSE adds live gaming (Rock Vegas) to South Elgin.


  • Lewis Livermore joined our Company.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Midlothian IL opened.
  • Rebranded two additional PS Fuels and Market locations.
  • High Octane Management & Consulting (HOMAC) is launched to provide additional convenience store support and benchmarking services.


  • PSE became a fuel supplier in Texas and Indiana.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Garland TX opened.


PSE exits retail operations to focus on wholesale fuels and distribution.


Lewis Livermore becomes a partner in PSE.


  • PSE becomes a Shell distributor.
  • PSE became a fuel supplier in Florida and Georgia.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Hickory Hills, IL opened.


  • PDI Enterprise software is launched to enhance customer service.
  • PSE begins supplying BLU Petroleum.
  • NTI Compass Travel Center opens in Demotte, Indiana.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Buffalo Grove, IL opens.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Itasca, IL opens.
  • NTI Ricky Rockets Norridge, IL opens.
  • NTI Broadview Minuteman in Broadview, IL opens.


  • NTI Ricky Rockets Kankakee, IL opens.
  • Several other unbranded NTIs open and become PSE customers.