Why is Prairie State Energy different? Ask our customers!

At Prairie State Energy, we understand the challenges our customers encounter every day.

Like you, we have run our own stores and fought to stay competitive against chains that seem to be adding a new store every month. We think that as a business owner, you need more than just a company to take your order for a fuel load – you should be more than just a number. We get to know you, we’ve got your back.

I’ve owned a chain of gas stations in the past and worked with other suppliers, mostly resulting in bad experiences. After working with Rick at Prairie State Energy I’ve found their honesty and integrity are second to none. I really can’t say enough good things about these guys, they helped me through the entire design process, during construction, and now continue working with my staff on ways to improve profits since the store opened. I appreciate the relationship we share and look forward to working with PSE on all my future projects.

Rick Heidner
Ricky Rockets Fuel Centers
Hoffman Estates, IL and Garland, TX.

As we were coming up to the end of our fuel supply agreement with another supplier, we were introduced to this GREAT company (Prairie State Energy). We joined the PSE Family in April 2013. Our rebrand from Shell to Mobil has increased gas volumes by over 10%. The transition was very streamlined due to their extensive background and collective experience in the fuel and C-store businesses.

Their support, leadership, and guidance has proven to be so valuable to our business. They have extensive convenience store experience, helping us to re-categorize and re-merchandise our store. They also assisted us by producing bank packages to not only aid us getting a loan during a difficult banking time, but also to help us lower the interest rate paid. The net effect of the convenience store consulting and increased sales from the rebrand, in the first year we worked with them, was over $100,000 net to our bottom line over the previous year’s earnings.

Thank you so much Prairie State Energy Team for all your efforts.

John Consolino
Lake Geneva, WI

Prairie State Energy shared the success in both store sales and fuel gallon gains enjoyed after rebranding their first location to PS Fuels & Market. We decided to take a look at our own numbers and see what value PS Fuels & Market has delivered comparing the sales for Fuel, store and tobacco since we completed the rebrand in April 2015:

2014 2015 2016 2017 Sales Increase
Fuel Gallons 937000 1122700 1240900 1259200 34%
Store Sales $ 1466400 $ 1675100 $ 1804100 $ 1724900 18%
Tobacco Sales $ 917400 $ 1065300 $ 1152300 $ 1094100 19%

It is important to note that the rebrand was completed mid-month in April and that May was the first full month of the PS Fuels & Market brand. Our pricing strategy on the street did not change, we remained competitive with other stations in the area just as we had always done. Our fuel margins and overall profitability are up dramatically. The feedback from customers has been really positive!

Terry Lambert
PS Fuels & Market
Joliet, IL

I first began working with Prairie State Energy on an existing distressed location I took over in Posen, IL. Instead of working with one of the other suppliers that I normally work with, I decided to give them a try. I strongly recommend using Prairie State Energy as your supplier, and here’s why:

  • You can work directly with ownership, Rick and Lewis are always accessible and are very hands on.
  • The entire staff is easy to deal with, they work with you to solve problems and are very accommodating.
  • I was able to save a lot of money on price watch. Prairie State Energy is not a large chain taking all the cheaper loads for their own company stores.
  • They helped me more effectively lay out my floor plan for a major remodel, the layout will not only increase sales but also reduce expenses and improve customer circulation.

If you are talking to fuel suppliers about a new contract, make sure you talk to Rick or Lewis and Prairie State Energy.

Wayne Berryman
Posen, IL

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