Environmental Responsibility is Part of Our Mission

Prairie State takes environmental responsibility very seriously. As such, we are extremely progressive when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, our natural resources and the communities we serve. We strongly encourage all of our customers to undertake a similar approach.

We have taken measures including the utilization of technology and underground monitoring equipment for our customer locations to detect leaks and provide warnings when a problem is detected. We continue to work with several regional environmental firms on behalf of our customers to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance and/or remediation if necessary.

PSE encourages the use of energy saving items such as LED lighting and photocell-controlled lighting switches. We also recommend environmentally sound practices such as the use of reclaimed water for car washes, the purchase of environmentally sustainable consumables such as coffee and fountain cups, lids, straws, etc. This also extends to selecting earth-friendly and bio-degradable soaps, solvents and cleaning products. We all need to advocate for our planet and the communities and customers we serve

At Prairie State, we are truly committed to protecting the environment
– and we are always looking for new and better ways to embrace environmental responsibility.